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Friday, August 6th, 2010

TEA is dedicated to the pursuit of green and sustainable remediation technologies. There is much discussion over the term “green.” What makes something “green” and how “green” is it? Dr. Brad Droy, President and CEO of TEA, is currently serving on a subcommittee of the ASTM International’s Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action Committee. He is working in cooperation with other participants on the E50.04 subcommittee to develop a proposed new standard, “Green and Sustainable Site Assessment and Cleanup“. These standards are based on a list of green cleanup core elements developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ASTM International states that “the goal of the standard guide is to first provide useful information on environmental/green, economic, and social aspects that can be used within the site assessment and cleanup process and also to present a scalable framework to include these aspects within the decision making process under various cleanup programs thus addressing green and sustainable remediation (GSR) practices.”

For more information on TEA’s implementation of green technologies, contact Dr. Droy at 225-767-3880 or