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Ecosystem Benefit Analysis

Did you know your greenspace could be valued at over 2 Million dollars?   That is news your community wants to hear and that’s the results from a client’s recent Ecosystem Benefit Analysis!  Would you want to know if your urban forest has an energy savings valued at $500,000, and a CO2 reduction valued at $120,000, while removing an estimated 2 tons of air pollution annually?  Let TEA’s Consulting Arborist help capture, the often overlooked, tree benefits including the amount and dollar value of annual environmental benefits related to energy conservation, air quality improvement, carbon dioxide reduction, storm water control and so much more.   

Using state of the art, peer reviewed software; our Consulting Arborist is able to quantify the environmental, ecological and aesthetic benefits to your community.  To determine the benefits of the urban forest, the area must be assessed to evaluate the health of their urban trees. Trees are inspected and evaluations are made through a Tree Inventory. Through the use of tree management tools, Arborists can better predict and understand the benefit, function and value offered by their urban forest.

How many gallons of storm water are your trees intercepting this year? 

How many tons of CO2 are your trees reducing from the atmospheric annually? 

How much energy are your trees saving you?  And how can you save more?  

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