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TEA provides specialty environmental remediation products for private and governmental end users. Our unique products provide solutions for a wide variety of complex environmental cleanup challenges, including; source area DNAPL (e.g. PCE, TCE, CT, CS2, Freon 113), dissolved phase chlorinated organics (e.g. PCE, TCE, DCE, VC), and petroleum hydrocarbons.

During our 20-year history, our professional remediation engineers, consultants, and geo-technical consultants have been tasked with remediating some of the most challenging DNAPL contaminated sites in the US.   Traditional remedies were slow, costly, and outdated.  O&M costs had to be reduced. Something had to change!

As a part of our project work, we knew we had to find new, cost-effective solutions to these contaminated sites.

How did we attack this problem?  We pooled our remediation expertise and our R&D capabilities to discover two, cost-effective, in-situ, product solutions to remediate contaminated sites.

SourceKill.   In 2005 as the first licensee of NASA’s new DNAPL source remediation product, Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI), we pioneered the development of commercially blending nano-micro ZVI and oil to create an injectable emulsion of EZVI. Since that date, we have supplied tens of thousands of gallons of SourceKill to treat some of the country’s most challenging contaminated sites in various lithologies.  SourceKill provides both short-term and long-term results.  And, it can be easily combined with other injectables such as bacterial cultures to “double-up” the benefits from a single injection.  Two for one!

Engineered Phyto.   We also expanded our expertise in the bioremediation field to develop a passive approach to remediating plumes using phyto-remediation.  But, that was not enough…everyone could plant a tree!  We applied both proven remediation engineering expertise and phyto-remediation into a product we call:  EnPhySys℠.  TEA has teamed with Applied Natural Sciences, Inc. (ANS), to implement engineered phytoremediation using ANS’ patented  TreeWell® technology, which directs root growth and development to targeted vertical treatment areas of the subsurface to achieve desired results. This effective and flexible system can be used in conjunction with other remediation strategies to optimize the remedial effects of phytoremediation.  The result:  Cost effective phyto projects that work!

What’s coming next?  TEA continues to identify and work with key partners, to develop new, innovative, and cost-effective remediation products.  Give us a call to talk about what we are currently working on!